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Python (Flask) Developer

Küçükbakkalköy, Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Uzaktan Çalışma, Hibrid

Tam Zamanlı


We're building the next generation company of the service industry. To achieve the next generation, we tend to use the latest technology and build the smartest team. If you would like to work with us and be one of the pioneers in the creation of this market, here is what you need to be a developer at Garson:

Basit Yeterlilikler

•Proficient in at least one of mainstream languages such as but not limited to Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP

•Experience in one of the backend frameworks such as Spring, Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails, Node+Express

•Familiarity with SQL databases such as MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB

•Familiarity with Redis or Hazelcast

•Familiarity with Git.

•Knowledge in at least one of AWS, GCP, Azure.

•B.Sc. in Computer Science or similar discipline


•Develop backend microservices and serverless APIs

•Improve the quality of integrations between different applications

•Work with other developers and share unique ideas that could improve the system

•Share new technologies and ideas whenever its applicable

•Adapt to technologies that has to be used during the project

Takım üyesi olarak beklediklerimiz

•Eager to learn new technologies

•Work together with the team in a harmony and takes initiative

•Stretch the boundaries if the project requires

•Open to new ideas and different approaches

•Open to learn new things, and improve both the team and her/himself

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